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ABC Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (Classes 4 and 7) (4 days) 

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This qualification is for individuals who want or need to become MOT testers.

To be eligible to undertake this qualification, a candidate must:

  • Have a full and current UK driving licence for the vehicle classes they want to test

  • Hold a level 3 qualification in vehicle maintenance or the light vehicle maintenance accreditation

  • Be a skilled mechanic with at least 4 years full-time employment in the service and repair of the vehicle types to be tested

  • Have no unspent convictions for criminal offences connected with the MOT testing scheme or the motor trade, or involving acts of violence or intimidation.


Course Content

  • Working Safely within a vehicle test centre

  • Communicating with colleagues and customers

  • How to manage and maintain their CPD

  • Carrying out pre-test checks

  • Carrying out an MOT test


Delivered over 4 days at the GTA - includes classroom delivery, online assessments and a practical MOT observation assessment in the workshop.  

ABC Level 3 Award in MOT Test Centre Management (2 days)

This qualification is primarily developed for learners who wish to run an MOT Vehicle Test Station (VTS), or who will have direct responsibility for MOT operations at the VTS in the future.


The qualification will be of interest to those individuals wishing to set up an MOT testing station, or who may already be an MOT tester and wish to advance their career further. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

Designed to reflect the contents of the National Occupational Standards for MOT Managers, this course is delivered over 3 days at the GTA.

Course Content includes:


  • Managing the legislative and compliance requirements of a VTS,

  • Dealing with customer service problems and complaints

  • Developing and supervising staff within a test centre

  • Test centre quality systems and audits.

This qualification is subject to externally set and externally marked assessment in the form of an online test delivered through the IMI online testing platform. The test consists of 35 questions, to be answered in 75 minutes and spans the breadth of the content for each of the units. 

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ATA Level 3 Light Vehicle Inspection Technician

This course is delivered over 3 days here at the GTA.  Each module has a mandatory knowledge assessment consisting of 10 online questions which are multiple choice.  Each module will also have an observed fault finding assessment.

Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection (aka fast track level 3) is intended for technicians whose job role involves the inspection, maintenance and repair of light vehicles.

Inspection Technicians must be able to work unsupervised - ideally, they should be in full time employment with at least 3 years of experience to ensure they are familiar with the techniques for vehicle servicing, inspection and system diagnosis.

The route requires the technician to complete the following modules:

  • Emission Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Braking Systems

  • Steering and Suspension System

  • Vehicle Structure

  • Vehicle Appraisal

IMI Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Routine Maintenance Activities

A 2 day course for candidates that have an interest in gaining the knowledge to work safely when carrying out routine maintenance  activities on Electric/Hybrid vehicles.  This award size qualification offers an introduction to this specialised industry. The roles can include but are not specific to, Vehicle maintenance and repair technicians.

You will gain the knowledge and skills required to work safely on Electric/Hybrid vehicles whilst carry out routine maintenance and repair activities.

This may include vehicles that may have or had damage to their energy/electrical system. It contains one mandatory unit covering knowledge of:

  • Electric/Hyrid vehicle system components and operation

  • Hazards surrounding electric/hybrid vehicles.

You will be assessed two ways:

  • IMI online questions

  • Test of your practical ability

A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and assessment criteria.

If you are interested in taking the course, you will need to possess appropriate vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge skills at Level 2.

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IMI Level 3 Award in Automotive Refrigerant Handling

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Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate which shows they are compliant. The assessment ensures rigor and quality of assessment by measuring the candidates underpinning knowledge, including F-gas regulations.


Learners must demonstrate the learning outcomes by following and achieving two assessment components which are set by IMI:

  • practical assessment

  • external online tests

All mobile air conditioning technicians working with cars and car derived vans, must have achieved as a minimum requirement, a refrigerant handling qualifications which fulfills the European Union F-Gas Regulation 

The Defra-approved qualification offers a single unit solution that provides experience automotive Mobile Air Conditioning technicians with evidence that they meet the minimum F-gas requirements (EC842/2006 and annex EC307/2008).

MOT Annual Training and Assessment

Staying Qualified as an MOT Tester

You must complete training and pass an assessment between April and March every year.

2024 - 2025 annual training and assessment codes are now available.

Your MOT tester status will be suspended if you do not pass the annual assessment.

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