This assessment is required for all persons wanting to apply to Hull City Council for their taxi licence.

Entry Requirements 


Assessment Overview

The local knowledge assessment is designed to test your topography knowledge and communication skills.  The knowledge assessment is broken down into two main parts and usually takes just over 2 hours to complete.

Part 1 - destination identification and route setting 

Identify a number of places in the Hull City location boundary, identifying road names.  Map out routes you would take from one destination to another. 

Part 2 - speaking and listening 
Describing routes to and from locations both written and verbally in order to demonstrate clear communication skills. 


Assessments are usually held on a Friday morning 9.00 am - 11.30am.  The assessment is undertaken in exam conditions and is mainly paper based. 


The cost of the ¨Local Knowledge Assessment—including speaking and listening is £36 (inclusive of VAT)

How to Book

To book your Local Knowledge Assessment you must visit the GTA on Priory Park East and pay the fee by cash or bank transfer.  You must bring with you your driving licence or photo ID which can be checked by our staff.

Visit the GTA on the following days and times to make your booking:

      *Monday between 10am and 3pm 

      Tuesday between 10am and 3pm 

      Wednesday between 10am and 3pm 

* Excluding bank holidays

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